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Notorious News

NotoriousMaster, Dec 30, 11 4:23 PM.
Welcome to Notorious!

We are a guild which has several veteran members from various other MMORPG's and are heavily based around raiding. All forms of gameplay are encouraged however we will be mostly focusing on raiding and getting our members to raid ready.
Your participation will wheigh heavy in all decisions within the guild concerning your character. This guild is ran like an oligarchy and so all decisions need to be approved by several peers to create a more fair system for a guild to distibute power and perks. We are looking to create a very fair guild with very good players, and have fun doing it. Please join our experience by selecting the "Join Now" option by the user login and following the steps provided. We will be checking the inbox for new applications on a near-daily basis and you will be notified either in-game or by email about your position.
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